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Your Essential Guide to Wealth Management

Client Centered

The first step to wealth management is for us to get to know you and your specific situation. Based on that initial assessment, our financial advisors will create a personalized strategy to help you reach your investment goals. This includes selecting the investment vehicles and funds that match your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Our financial advisors are here to help you make the best of your investment options. This includes maximizing your net earnings by considering the tax implications of your investment decisions. We’ll also help you manage investment risks by balancing and diversifying your portfolio. Our wealth management experts can also create a financial plan for you to ensure you’re reaching all of your wealth-building goals.

How Investment Management Works

With investment management, you don’t have to make difficult financial decisions by yourself. Instead, our financial advisors will select the best investment vehicles for your situation. We’ll buy and sell assets on your behalf, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and options, after sitting down with you and talking about your financial objectives. 

We use a risk management strategy to maximize your gains and protect your wealth. Our investment managers also use a diversification strategy to ensure you’re not too heavily invested in one company or industry. And as you near retirement, we’ll adjust your portfolio to further minimize your investment risks. Our investment managers are even here to help you create a retirement income distribution plan when you’re ready.

The Advantages of Wealth Management

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When you leave your wealth management in the hands of one of our experienced financial advisors, you have a knowledgeable ally on your team to build and protect your nest egg. We will explain the process and guide you through your options, making sure you understand what you’re investing in and why. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have about your assets and financial plan, too.

Our financial advisors pay attention to the bigger picture. For example, we know that every investment decision impacts your taxes. Therefore, we’ll advise you about possible tax consequences before making certain investment decisions. This protects you from having to pay excessive capital gains and income taxes. When we use tax-deferred investment accounts, you can take advantage of tax deductions, which frees up more of your income.  

FAQs about Wealth Management

Is Investing Risky?
There are no risk-free investments. However, you can mitigate investment risk by working with a financial advisor who understands your financial situation and objectives. We can select investment vehicles with significantly lower risk for you, and we can optimize your portfolio to mitigate overall risk. We also consider it our job to educate you about your financial decisions, so you can rest assured that you're on track to reach your goals. 

How Can I Minimize My Investment Risk?
Our financial advisors use their knowledge and expertise to select investments that should perform well. A long-term investment strategy coupled with a diversified portfolio is likely to provide you with the results you’re looking for. We also make sure you’re not too heavily invested in one company or industry. As you near retirement age, we can adjust your risk tolerance level to better protect the wealth you’ve accumulated. 

What Are Some Investment Options?
You can invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and other financial products. You can purchase these inside of a traditional retirement account to take advantage of tax-deferred savings, but you can also use private investment accounts. Roth accounts are also an option to get access to tax-free income during retirement. 

Should I Be Investing?
Yes. If you want to build wealth and prepare for retirement, you need to invest a portion of your income every month. If you keep money in a savings account, it will lose value, because the interest rates on savings accounts don’t even keep up with inflation. Investing is the best way to prepare for your financial future. 

We’ll Review & Optimize Your Portfolio

Managing wealth is a complex process, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you with setting up investment accounts, reviewing and optimizing your current portfolios, and creating a personalized strategy to help you build wealth. Call us today for all your investment management needs.

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